Home School College Admission Requirements

Home school college admission requirements vary to a very high degree between various colleges and universities. However, there are some common requests, which include: a high school diploma; a parent’s transcript or GED; SAT, ACT, and/or SAT II test scores; a portfolio review; written essays; and interviews and/or entrance examinations. Some schools may ask for additional information that they don’t require from traditionally schooled students.

For example, at Penn State University, students must submit a level of achievement (grade point average), standardized test scores, and proof of graduation (which can include a diploma issued from a high school or through the State Board of Education). Applicants must also provide “a complete and detailed documentation of their high school coursework and evaluations of progress from an approved home school evaluator or supervisor.”

We encourage all college applicants to apply to a large number of schools. Not only does this, obviously, improve the chances of getting admitted somewhere, but it also sets up the possibility of increased financial aid (get the schools to compete against each other for you) and allows a degree of flexibility in case the applicant experiences a late change of preference regarding one or more college traits. (We along, with our friends at the NACAC, believe every month is critical for the teenage maturation process and applying to these additional schools provides some flexibility in case the applicant changes his or her mind on something like preferring a small school to a larger school.)

If students have several colleges in mind that they’d like to attend, it could be helpful to look up each individual school’s requirements for admission to make sure the home schooler is on track and stays on track.

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